Management for tax consulting service
In today’s business age, tax management consulting service has become an essential need for many organizations. It is not just an expense in the company’s cash flows, but also a cost impact around the tax regulations of a country. Decision made regarding the taxations can save or cost the company a considerable sum of money. Consequently, it is always beneficial for organizations to develop appropriate tax management according to its operations and site to make the most of the relevant tax laws in the country.
The tax environment in Nepal is completely different, as most of the systems are relatively new. The government authorities frequently change the tax systems and are subject to numerous interpretations. This has created a surrounding where tax compliance is difficult and tax risk is considerably high.

Our Services
At Greentick, we assist our taxpayer clients to manage their tax risks by offering them a tax consulting service. Our consultants have the right qualifications and years of experience to lead you towards the clear road map, concerning the complicated tax regulations of the country. We assess your organization’s procedure, technology, and data to create that road map for implementing changes. Our expertise at Greentick, will help you in creating new standards for efficient practice in tax procedures, controls, and productivity. We ensure to offer effective and productive outcomes to our clients, according to the rules and regulations in force.

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What We Do on Tax Consulting Services

Our tax consulting services include:

  • Consulting services on income tax, VAT, TDS
  • Providing online income tax / VAT filings services
  • Assisting our clients in paying fair taxes
  • Representations before Tax Authorities
  • Assisting in identifying tax-saving opportunities
  • Managing our client’s tax records
  • Providing tax advisory and compliance
  • Assisting in cross border/ international taxation
  • Managing transfer pricing
  • Repatriation
  • Assisting on Education Service Tax (EST)/ Health Service Tax Compliance (HST), and then
  • Finally, Representation and Litigations