Consulting service for business tax audit and advisory
Undermining the importance of taxation while doing business cannot be neglected. To make any financial decisions, tax-related issues are extremely essential for taxpayers. A large amount of management time and effort is required, as businesses face the growing pressure of more rules and regulations with tax complexities. So, organizations require a proper business tax audit advisory and strategic tax planning consulting service. Our service can provide holistic tax advice providing proactive, methodical, and amendable tax reduction strategies for organizations to improve tax efficiency.

Our Services
We at Greentick comprise of industry-leading tax consultants who are extremely qualified and experienced in the area of national and international taxation. We provide organizations with customized tax advisory and strategic tax planning that will address every sort of taxation concern in obedience to their business and corporate goals. Our consultants will assist you to control the tax costs and generate long-term savings by incorporating tax effectiveness in your business plan and decision-making process. We know that your business can have a significant impact if your tax compliance burden is managed effectively. We are here and we can provide you with the fastest and efficient service you require, even if you want to outsource your business tax procedure completely on our hands or simply require advice on specific matters.

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What We Do on Tax Consulting Services

Our Tax Advisory and Strategic Tax Planning consulting service include:

  • Preparing & planning tax
  • Outsourcing tax function
  • Representation before Government authorities for resolving disputes.
  • Consulting on tax accounting compliance
  • Filing and preparing tax returns
  • Tax planning for systematic foreign corporations
  • Mergers and acquisitions expert tax advice
  • Planning for value chain transformation
  • Strategic tax planning to optimize your tax burden
  • Supporting annual tax planning to determine expected tax payments
  • Checking the taxation outcomes of upcoming decisions
  • Evaluating tax burdens and selection of legal form, and then
  • Finally, Planning of corporation and individual tax