Consulting for finance management in business
NFRS (Nepal Financial Reporting Standard) is an independent body formed under section 15a of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal by the Government of Nepal. NFRS is planned as an ordinary universal language for business relationships so that business accounts are understandable and equivalent within Nepal. It’s structure also apply to the common basis financial statements and other financial reporting of profit-oriented bodies. To allot with dealings and proceedings that are essential in a common basis financial statements, NFRS embark identification, measurement, presentation, and disclosure requirements. In short, NFRSs are established on the conceptual framework which deals with the models underlying the data enclosed in common basis financial statements.

Our services

We at greentick, can provide you with an experienced team of qualified professionals that can assist you in understanding the essential changes needed while implementing Nepal Financial Reporting Standard. Further greentick provides consulting services for management of these finance services in business. We also assist clients that are handling the implementation of NFRS for the first time. As Nepal is upgrading towards universal accounting standards, our clients go through various challenges while implementing Nepal Financial Reporting Standards (NFRS). It requires considerable resources and time for any financial department to deal with the arising issues. With our qualified team, we offer you training, assistance, and managing of the overall NFRS implementation change process.

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What We Do On Accounts and Finance Service

Our services include:

  • Transformation of GAAP accounts to NFRS, together with a support team in the first-time implementation of NFRS
  • Offering evaluation of the convergence to NFRS
  • Quantification of the impact and solutions for the implementation
  • Supporting in setting up accounting manual
  • Evaluating and introducing NFRS compliant accounting guidelines, financial statements, and disclosure layouts, together with support and selection of NFRS accounting guidelines
  • Setting up financial statements
  • Supporting clients in handling issues with auditors
  • Supporting in technical transactions
  • Offering outsourced NFRS services to clients
  • Carrying out NFRS training to external client staff
  • Finally, Guiding about book-keeping