Consulting service for internal financial audit and advisory
The role of an internal financial audit has drastically changed due to challenging economic conditions, competitive business culture and rapidly changing regulatory requirements. Many organizations require the need for a proper system of processes and internal controls, particularly for financial reporting. The internal financial audit provides development transversely to the whole organization by placing itself distinctively as a catalyst. It can assist organizations to achieve their planned goals by introducing an efficient, regulated approach that assesses and improve the efficiency of risk management, control, and authority procedures.

Our services

We at greentick, provide advisory service and assist organizations to improve their efficiency, eminence, and value received from the internal financial audit. Our expertise also enables us to deeply understand your organization’s area of operational improvements, risk exposures, and assess corporate governance. So, With the internal financial audit service provided by our experts, organizations can boost performance and operate effectively.

At greentick, we always ensure that the service is result-oriented and is customized according to the requirements of your business. Assessing the structure of internal controls involves time, information, and understanding. Hence, our expert team will make sure that they completely know your business; its traditions, arrangements, policies, and objectives. Further, We always precisely evaluate, prioritize, and ease the exceptional matters and risks connected with your business. In addition, We help you reduce reputational risk and avoid costly and unnecessary disputes and litigation.

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What We Do On Accounts and Finance Service

By selecting greentick for Internal Financial Audit service you can be certain that it:

  • is customized according to your business requirements
  • is technically precise
  • consist of established methodologies, expertise, and skills to provide an effective audit
  • implements rigorous quality assurance measures
  • provides practical suggestions to develop your business
  • recognizes the risks early to evade risk before its late
  • provides technical recommendation and positions on financial matters

We, at greentick, can help you for:

  • Improving new and vigorous internal financial audit purposes and strategic audit plans
  • Providing audit planning with the outsourced or co-sourced method
  • Implementing training and assessing of internal financial audit employees
  • Ensuring quality assurance
  • Consulting on corporate governance
  • Consulting on risk management
  • Evaluate and appraise risks and controls
  • Examine and develop process effectiveness and efficiencies
  • Support organizations in implementing internal financial audit functions
  • Organize and provide Board-level reporting
  • Organize, implement and report on risk coverage, advice and management action plans