Consulting on financial service audit and advisory
The development in the globalization has caused a rapid change in the financial services market. Day by day it is becoming difficult and challenging for organizations as customers are demanding more, rivals are possessing strong competition, new digital technologies are emerging, and the regulations are becoming stronger. Ubiquitous access and instant delivery are picking up as new trends. This has forced many organizations to transform their traditional business models and dislocate a sector that had been quite constant for many decades. To put customers, purpose, and sustainability at the heart of what they do, banks, insurers, pension providers, and asset managers are re-thinking about their businesses.

Our services

We at Greentick assist our clients with the expertise of consulting teams that are ready to solve the most complex and difficult challenges. We mostly provide financial service audit and advisory consulting to banks and financial services clients of all sizes and types. This way clients can enhance enterprise value and navigate through a rapidly transforming environment of enforcement actions, financial regulations, litigation threats, economic and financial challenges. Our financial service consulting teams are the experts’ possesses’ extensive industry knowledge, experience and are from different backgrounds with such as Chartered Accountants, Bankers, Economists, Tech Professionals, Policymakers, and securities regulators.

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  • Developing and creating new products or offerings
  • Shifting towards resourceful, platform-based business models with your consumer requirements at the center
  • Implementing digital technology to delight consumers, enhance efficiency and free up resources
  • Building large-scale alteration happen by bringing strategy, innovation and people mutually
  • Handling regulatory compliance without duplicating effort, based on our extensive work
  • Keeping your systems protected, and therefore keep your customers confidence.
  • Keeping sustainability and spherical economy principles at the heart of your business strategy
  • Increasing revenue and consumer growth, workforce, finance transformation, risk and regulation execution, core platforms, operations excellence.