Accounting and Bookkeeping Services: Management consulting for accounting and bookkeeping services

Keeping track of accounting and bookkeeping along with finances is essential for any organization. If you have a startup, SME, or an established business, you require proper and accurate financial information while making business decisions. Accounts and Finance consulting services play a crucial role to overcome the financial issues. Accounting tracks your income and expenses while bookkeeping records your financial transactions by preparing financial statements, such as balance sheets and income statements.

At Greentick we know that proper accounting and bookkeeping services are all about maintaining correct numbers. We can substitute your back office with weekly, monthly, or quarterly accounting and bookkeeping activities. In brief, the main purpose of this consulting service is to ensure that your business financial data are neat and tidy as we take bookkeeping and accounting seriously. Our accuracy is a point of pride for our staff as we provide transparent and truthful reporting.

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Our Services

At Greentick, the information you require to make the right financial decisions for your business is always available. Hiring experts like us comes with so many benefits as our consultants are highly qualified and experienced accountants that work with various business organizations and contractors. Also, an accountant will be consigned to work with you individually to provide collected financial data and advice on accounting requirements and how to grow your business.

This way the apprehension around your financial position is always at a minimum. Our services include bill pay and customer invoicing, receiving payments, making deposits, payroll and sales tax as well as monthly reconciliations for bank and credit card accounts, and many more. We also offer on-site and off-site services that can assist you with all of your related requirements.

At Greentick, we will provide you advice for accounting and bookkeeping procedures and systems that will assist you in developing competence, allowing you to focus more on running and growing your business. We can help you to:

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  • Setting up and maintaining chart of accounts and general ledger.
  • Reconciling cash receipts and disbursements.
  • Assisting on bill payment and other banking functions.
  • Reconciling bank/credit card/investment account.
  • Functioning accounts receivable and payable.
  • Recording and processing payroll.
  • Preparing monthly/quarterly financial statements.
  • Preparing Cash flow analysis.
  • Filing sales tax.
  • Tracking vendors.
  • Assessing current accounting software and manage conversions and then,
  • Providing support to internal accounting staff.