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HR Consulting

HR Compliance Review

All organizations should conduct an HR compliance review to ensure their procedures comply with applicable labor regulations. Learning how to comply with current norms and regulations can help your business create a plan for its future HR operations. The correct HR policies gives you a competitive advantage by keeping your staff satisfied and motivated, which improves the overall performance of your organization. They also help you to avoid compliance fines.

HR compliance encompasses a wide range of concerns for the organization, such as:

  • Recruitment and Hiring;
  • Workplace health & safety;
  • Rules and regulations;
  • Employee handbook or HR manual;
  • Employment and labor legislation;
  • Bullying, sexual harassment, and drug use;
  • Termination and discipline;
  • Pay and perks; and
  • Dispute handling.

Some of the key highlights includes:

  • Current HR manual;
  • Standalone regulations;
  • Company policies;
  • Procedures for:
    • Leave;
    • The grievance process; and
    • Contract.