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HR Consulting

Employer of Record Service

An (EOR) employer of record Services: EOR is an organization that acts as the employer for tax purposes even though the employees are working for a different business. To free you up to concentrate on the core services, we as an EOR take care of the payroll, benefits, taxes, and local compliance. An Employer of Record serves as a bridge between your company and a foreign employee and is your one-stop external HR solution.

With an Employer of Record Services, you can employ the best talent from anywhere and assist them according to their regional needs. You can have the below benefits with the help of Employer of Record services:

  • Bring in talent rapidly;
  • Spend less money than setting up a corporation;
  • Maintain talent and provide extensive benefits programs;
  • Keep up with changing labor regulations and employment contracts; and
  • Get continual assistance for all HR aspects.
Our Employer of Record Service is designed in a way that it assists our clients to make sure that they hire foreign workers easily. Some of the key highlights of our service includes:

  • Creating and updating employment contracts that comply with local laws;
  • Overseeing all payroll and tax deductions;
  • Paying supported workers on time and providing a full range of legal benefits;
  • Ensuring adherence to offboarding and termination policies; and
  • Offering continuing assistance with regard to local labor laws and regulations.