About us

We are listed in the directory of Cyber Security Service Providers by SWIFT.
Organizations that implement ISO 9001 are able to continuously provide their consumers with high-quality goods and services, which has a number of positive effects, including happy clients, management, and staff. Organizations find that utilizing ISO 9001 benefits them because it outlines the criteria for an efficient quality management system:


To safeguard the integrity of the larger financial network, SWIFT's Cyber Security Service Provider program (CSSP) assists financial institutions in making sure their defenses against cyberattacks are current and effective. For the purpose of locating providers in a specific nation, SWIFT has compiled a Directory of cyber security service providers.
SWIFT has considered a number of factors while listing businesses in the Directory of cyber security service providers, including:

  • Cyber security services experience & credentials;
  • Strategic focus on cyber security services; and
  • Good reputation & commitment to customers in the financial industry.

Every organization listed on the directory has been asked to follow a CSP curriculum in order to gain or maintain its expertise and comprehension of the program, even though SWIFT does not certify providers listed on the directory. Its inclusion in the directory indicates that the CSP program was successfully completed.