Human Resource HR Analytics and Audit Introduction to Human Resource HR Analytics and Audit Human Resource HR Analytics and audit is about analyzing an organizations human resource problems through the use of data. Widespread digital and cultural changes in the modern workplace have started to redesign and redefine both the culture of the workplace along […]

Organizational Restructuring Introduction to Organizational Restructuring in Business Management Organizational restructuring in Business management means to re-construct your organizational structure. There has been an increasing trend of large multinational firms seeking external help to streamline their organizational structure in order to optimize functioning. To fully comprehend the reason behind this phenomenon, we must first briefly […]

General Data Protection Regulation Data privacy is a dynamic term which refers to the appropriate management of personal data concerning consent, notice, sensitivity, regulatory concerns and so forth. An organization or regulatory body enforce information security system to handle data privacy concerns. Data Security and Data Privacy are different terms. But, are closely related and […]

Importance of HR Introduction to Importance of Human Resource Human resource is the department responsible for managing resources related to the employees in an organization. Importance of human resource for development of organization or a nation is very high. There can be no nation or organization without human resource. They are tasked with overseeing all […]

Foreign Direct Investment FDI Foreign Direct Investment FDI is the investment made by the foreign investor in the business and management located in foreign land. Actually, it is a net transferred funds to purchase and acquire physical capital. Such as, factories and machines, therefore if people invested in the business interest located in another country […]

Six Sigma in Business Management At many business management of organizations six sigma simply means a quantitative measure of quality that strives near to perfection. To illustrate, It is a defined and disciplined business methodology that helps increase customer satisfaction and profitability by streamlining operations, improving quality and reducing waste in every kind/type of organizations. […]

Organizational Change Introduction to Organizational Change Organizational change in Business Management starts with a situation that needs to be changed, moves through a process testing solutions and concludes with implementation of an innovation. Changes occurs in the life of an individual, be it personal or professional. Just like that organizations experience changes too. An organization […]

Time Management in an Organization Keeping up with time “Time and tide waits for no man” this quote is very common and has been widely used. Though the quote is familiar, it’s importance is most valued by Business world. Any person or organization must function considering the significance of time. Time management in service business […]

Benefits of Implementing ISO 9001 Introduction to ISO 9001 Before jumping right into Benefits Of Implementing ISO 9001 and ISO 9001 certification Quality Management System QMS. At first one need to understand what a management system is. In a layman term a management system is a way of defining an organization’s operations that will help […]

Women Entrepreneur in Business Management Entrepreneurs are those who establish their business assuming all the risk and rewards of the venture on their own. So that, many people in the locality can be employed. They play the key role in development and diversification of market with the innovation or modification of products and services. The […]