Consulting services on Research management and Advisory

Research is a study regarding particular subject or problem which describes, predict and control the related phenomena. Research consulting is something, which is very creative and systematic investigation of any sources, that gives accurate facts and conclusions.

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Actually it is a fact that research is very important in business decision makings as it gathers crucial information about customers and market, so they could take right decision upon primary and secondary researches. Usually primary research are the data and information gathered first handed and secondary data refers those; which are collected by someone who is other than the users. We adopt various methods of conducting research. They are surveys, questionnaires, interviews, case study, observations etc.

As research requires huge amount of budgeting, developing countries like us do not have adequate research resources. However, we are continuously adapting new technologies day by day. Therefore, to conduct Research here in Nepal, is a tough job but at the same time Research is important for every business organization to survive the competitive market. It also helps to acknowledge the requirement and expectation of the target customers. Greentick also offers services as research consulting and research management advisory.

Our approach

We also fit in role of researcher. Our team have professional and well experienced expertise on the field of research. We focus on designing qualitative research methods fulfilling its main objectives for the primary research and also for the part of secondary research we investigate the market, its shares, potentialities and drawbacks of the belonging industry. We ensure you to provide actual report which is generated on the basis of our research; which will surely benefit you and your organization.

In addition, we provide services of primary research as well as secondary research. We have performed various projects of research for our clients. Greentick makes life easier for exploring opportunities in a related field of your organization through primary investment and secondary investment opportunity research. Please contact us for more information on our services.