Consulting as professional training provider

Training is developing or teaching any skills and knowledge about specific competencies which are useful and required for carrying out an assigned task. Training is necessary in an organizations because it improves the performance of the employees; and gives profound knowledge of the task and activities.

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which is essential for achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. Greentick offers professional training provider and its management consulting services to many clients.

Trainings are provided on-the-job as well as off-the-job. On the job trainings take place within the workplace of an organization. Off-the-job trainings take place outside the workplace of an organization.

Training is essential need for all including existing staff members and new comers. It increases job satisfaction, efficiency and motivates employees. Training also increases capacity to adapt new methods and technologies. Having skillful employees upgrades the efficiency and production; which minimizes mistakes and production cost which eventually leads to create a better environment.

Our approach as professional training management consulting

Considering its importance we as a management consultant act as a training facilitator by providing Training Needs Assessments (TNA) at your organization. Based on the assessment we identify the gap between the performance of your employees and their designated roles and responsibilities. After that we refer the required training needs and carry out the training materials for further process. On every training occasion, we end up in portraying each day training activities as a training report. You will realize the value of such report when you use it as a reference document at the time of need.

We deliver professional training courses with certification which are:

  • Firstly, HR Audit and Competency Mapping
  • Secondly, ITIL Foundation and Practitioner Course
  • Thirdly, Payment Card Industry Data Security System (PCI DSS)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Course
  • TOGAF 9.1
  • SIX SIGMA and then,
  • Finally, ISO Auditors and ISO Implementers Courses

To summarize, Training is essential tool to upgrade the performance of staff members working for an organization.

Learning new things and increase in skill makes you powerful individually; which affects and benefits the organization you are working at.