Consulting services as Accounts and Finance Advisory in Nepal

Today organizations of any type and size require accounts and finance advisor to keep their accounts and provide financial advice. Greentick Nepal provides following consulting services as accounts and finance advisory to its clients.

finance and accounting
financial advisor


  • Firstly, Financial projections and forecasts
  • secondly, NFRS implementation
  • Thirdly, Accounting system development
  • Then, Compliance advisory services
  • And then, Accounting and bookkeeping service
  • Also, Internal Financial Audit
  • Payroll management and then,
  • Finally, Financial services


Financial Projections and Forecasts

At G take the highest standards of excellence and professionalism to meet your long and short-term financial goals.

NFRS implementation

We at Greentick, can provide you with an experienced team of qualified professionals that can assist you in understanding the essential changes needed while implementing Nepal Financial Reporting Standard.


We also assist clients that are handling the implementation of NFRS for the first time. As Nepal is upgrading towards universal accounting standards, our clients go through various challenges while implementing Nepal Financial Reporting Standards (NFRS). It requires considerable resources and time for any financial department to deal with the arising issues. With our qualified team, we offer you training, assistance, and managing of the overall NFRS implementation change process.

Accounting System Development

We at Greentick, are always there to provide you with an accounting system development consulting service. Our qualified and expert consulting team will assist you with research-driven processes that will boost your accounting. Also your department’s efficiency by solving accounting issues. However, depending upon the client’s requirement, the accounting system can be developed for the whole business or some part of it. Your business will be successful and trusted with the implementation of accounting system.

Compliance Advisory Services

On Compliance advisory service, as your consultant; we will facilitate organizations during its GDPR compliance journey with our advisory consultant; who would support in building robust security and privacy and data and analytics practices within the organization including:

  • Regulation interpretation – analysis and advice.
  • Gap recommendation with international practices – including design and implementation of third-party risk, data-privacy rights, data governance, and privacy notices.
  • Compliance solutions – people, process and technology execution for an efficient cybersecurity and privacy program.
  • Compliance management – monitoring and maintaining controls going forward.


Accounting and Bookkeeping service

At Greentick, the information you require to make the right financial decisions for your business is always available. Hiring experts like us comes with so many benefits as our consultants are highly qualified and experienced accountants that work with various business organizations and contractors. Also, an accountant will be consigned to work with you individually to provide collected financial data and advice on accounting requirements and how to grow your business.

Internal Financial Audit

We at Greentick, assist organizations to improve their efficiency, eminence, and value received from the internal financial audit. Our expertise also enables us to deeply understand your organization’s area of operational improvements, risk exposures, and assess corporate governance. So, With the internal financial audit service provided by our experts, organizations can boost performance and operate effectively.At Greentick, we always ensure that the service is result-oriented and is customized according to the requirements of your business. Assessing the structure of internal controls involves time, information, and understanding. Hence, our expert team will make sure that they completely know your business; its traditions, arrangements, policies, and objectives. Further, We always precisely evaluate, prioritize, and ease the exceptional matters and risks connected with your business. In addition, We help you reduce reputational risk and avoid costly and unnecessary disputes and litigation.

Payroll management

Regardless of the size and geographical locations, Greentick offers modern and completely personalized payroll management solutions to all organizations. We deeply address the payroll management requirements that develop the confidence of our clients that will meet their business challenges. For your organization, effective payroll management can be a method for transformation. You can always remember Greentick, when you do not want to manage all your complex in-house payroll process. We at Greentick consist of a highly qualified professional team with years of experience in payroll management. Additionally, We ensure that all the statutory requirements, payroll calculations, and continuous payroll processing are met. We also maintain full confidentiality at the same time providing transparent employee communication.

Financial Services

We at Greentick assist our clients with the expertise of consulting teams that are ready to solve the most complex and difficult challenges. We mostly provide financial service consulting to banks and financial services clients of all sizes and types. This way clients can enhance enterprise value and navigate through a rapidly transforming environment of enforcement actions, financial regulations, litigation threats, economic and financial challenges. Our financial service consulting teams are the experts’ possesses’ extensive industry knowledge, experience and are from different backgrounds with such as Chartered Accountants, Bankers, Economists, Tech Professionals, Policymakers, and securities regulators.