Consulting service for Human Resource HR Audit and Advisory in Nepal

We understand that every organization has its own unique requirements, so we offer diverse approaches while conducting the HR audit. We will work with your management team to establish the scope of the audit which also allows your organization to determine what is important to evaluate. Moreover, Our service helps in verification and analysis the gap between ‘what is the current HR function’ and ‘what should be/could be the optimum HR function’ in the organization.

HR Audit
Audit/Compliance Service

Whether your business is relatively young or it has been operating for multiple years, Greentick provides Human Resource HR audit service and advisory that fulfills your organization’s requirements. Further, The purpose of this audit is to identify strengths, weaknesses and determine areas for improvement in your human resources function. In addition, are you aware that if your organization performs HR audit then you are also complying with the regulatory requirement which came into force from 2017?


Our HR audit service provides you with the following benefits:

  • Identification of the strong points and problem areas in current employment practices
  • Alignment of HR systems with organizational vision, mission, and objective
  • Establishment of a frame of reference for future improvements
  • Effective utilization of organization’s human resources
  • Ascertain that the organizations’ HR systems is linked with the organization culture
  • Recommendations for strategic planning needed for compliance and improvement, and
  • Finally, Confirmation of compliance with legal regulations.

To summarize, The Human Resource audit process will allow the auditor to review what an organization says it does (the policy and procedure), what it is doing (current practices), and what/ how it should be done (best practices and recommended actions). Conducting periodic audit of Human Resource can also make sure that the organization’s policies and procedures are fair and uniform across the organization and enhance employee satisfaction. And then, By retaining a satisfied and productive workforce, organizations can reduce the expense relating with costly turnover of staff.