Trade and Secretarial Services

If you are considering trading as a limited company or already a trade limited company, we offer and help to identify an achievable trade and secretarial services which ensures that you are confident towards your new business starts off on the best foot forward meeting all of the statutory compliance requirements.


Preparing Invoices, Purchase Orders

  • We assist you in preparing and recording of purchase orders and invoices as they keep the track of inventory and sales that will help you save both time and money.
  • We assure you to deliver a quality work that meets your requirements and the modern day practices.

Preparing Letters of Credit

  • We ensure you are on right track with the documents to be provided to the local bank and the international party for preparation of Letter of credit.

Presenting Shipping Documents to Banks for Clearing Remittance

  • We help you with the arrangement of shipping documents for presentation to banks and proceed the process of placement and transfer of funds, the collection of receipts and the making of payments.


Assistance on Bank Transactions & Collection / Payments

  • We assist you to collect from the customers and make payment to your creditors so that you will save your costs on staffing and also allow you a significant time for growing your business.

Clearing Goods through Customs

  • We deal with the required paper works in clearing goods from the customs.
  • We ensure your consignment clears the customs on time and in an efficient way.

Drafting Memorandum and Articles of Associations

  • We assess your needs and come up with a proper draft of MOA and AOA.


Advising on Set Up of Business Entities

  • We offer a complete service package for setting up of public and private companies. Our major target is to help you with all the possible resources (financial, legal, social and environmental) that will take you to a right direction.
  • We offer unique service by focusing on prevailing governance and company secretarial matters.
  • Our resource pool can allocate the most appropriate resource to suite your requirements and deliver tailored cost effective solutions for turning your dream company into a reality.

Preparing Documentation for Corporate restricting and organization

  • We are all well positioned in making an assessment of governance procedures to ensure they comply with your corporate obligations.
  • Our core competencies is that we keep you abreast of current industry issues and best practice.
  • We provide effective documentation services that ensure compliance with the Companies Act and your company’s constitution or shareholder’s agreements.

Acting as Nominee Shareholder and Directors

  • We provide the space and protects the client’s privacy by using nominee directors in conjunction with nominee shareholders.
  • We also keep in mind the fact that our clients are highly benefitted in terms of tax jurisdiction through acting nominee directors and shareholders.

Free Consultation

Contact us if you have any queries. Our highly experienced team of professionals are here to help.