Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services

For constructing and improving your business, solving the problem / situation which may require in-depth analysis of business. You may need the professional business advice that we provide during the business process in order to improve your organization’s productivity and plan for the use of resources.


Preparing Share and Business Valuation

  • We assist you to evaluate the value of your business and shares during the times of sale, transfer under buy-sell agreement, and transfer by gift and also to determine capital gain and taxes.
  • We can determine the value of your business by applying method that best suits your position.

Providing Feasibility Studies

  • We conduct a feasibility study of your business idea, whether it is to start up business, continue or expand your current venture or purchase an existing business.
  • Our team investigates a variety of ways to organize the business and position your product in the market structure.

Business Restructuring

  • We use fast and effective strategies across corporate finance, restructuring, valuations, insolvency and tax to implement the acquisition strategy.
  • We carry out valuation, operational due diligence, deal structuring, assessment of funding requirements, financial modeling, identification of potential risks, support in negotiation and raising finance.
  • We help you restructure your business making it more profitable and organized for its present needs.


Consulting and Proposing Business Processes for Increase Efficiency, Productivity and Growth

  • We can help you set goals and define your strategic principles.
  • We ensure their measurable, effective and sustainable implementation by providing you with the concepts and process stages necessary for the successful and methodical implementation of change.
  • From growth and cost-reduction plans, radical structural change and planned mergers or acquisitions, to staff measures, expansion, internationalization and globalization, your strategic projects will benefit from our pragmatic management approach.
  • With our services, you can quickly automate business processes and increase productivity using proven workflow management tools.
  • Based on your needs, we can create a flexible process platform and a defined plan that align with your strategic goals.

Identifying Factors for Stemming Profitability

  • We assist you to evaluate the internal and external factors and make changes to raise the profits considerably.
  • We also explore alternative ways to boost up your profits by refocusing on what the customers really value, changing the operating model, considering the new channels of distribution of product and stopping the activities that do not add value.
  • We help you to uncover a wholly more efficient and low cost way of delivering value to the customers.
  • We assure you to create a platform for a higher level of performance and stemming profitability.

Designing Business Plan

  • We can draw the business plan for you in the most sensible way to cope up with the current market conditions and the anticipated future premises.
  • We assist you in determining how the business culture and management style will be like.

Free Consultation

Contact us if you have any queries. Our highly experienced team of professionals are here to help.