Accounting and Financial Consultancy Services

greentick helps to establish best Accounting and Financial Consultancy Services and Efficient Accounting and Budgetary Systems which are designed to fit the specific needs of small to mid-sized businesses.


Book Keeping

  • We ensure that your bookkeeping is handled accurately right from the start.
  • We manage your everyday financial record-keeping, and reporting to save your valuable time and money

Designing Accounting Systems

  • We design the accounting system that best fits your company’s need.
  • We build successful solutions to fit your problems in accounting systems.

Compilation of Financial Information

  • Our expert can compile the financial statements of your business.
  • We present information that is the “representation of management” in assembling financial statements
  • We provide monthly compiled financial statements for better annual income tax planning.


Budgeting and Forecasting

  • With greentick, the budgeting process can seamlessly work in both an IT Services and classic general ledger cost center framework, enabling better alignment of investment with business process priorities.
  • We share practical real-world budgeting, forecasting and reporting experiencethat will be a real asset to our clients.

Preparing Periodic Management Accounts and Financial Reports

  • You can take our help in conversion to Nepal Financial Reporting Standards (NFRS).
  • Our consultants can help you to assess how you collect your financial information, record it, organize it, and report it to ensure that it provides a clear picture of your business.

Payroll Management

  • We provide payroll management service that ensures payment to the employee on time and accurately.
  • Our Payroll solution assures time saving, cost saving, confidentiality and flexibility.
  • This service will reduce your concern over payroll matters, and that will allow you more time to concentrate on key business matters.


Preparing Cash-Flow Projections, Cash Management and Payment

  • We forecast upcoming cash surpluses or shortages beforehand that will help you to make the right decisions.
  • We include every possible scenario in your cash flow forecast that will see how your business will cope if your business hits tough times or does better than expected.

General Accounting Consultation

  • Our experts will provide all the necessary knowledge regarding to accounting standards and business functionality, international accounting standards, global accounting issues.
  • Our analytical skills can able to resolve technical accounting issues.

Preparing Financial Projections and Forecasts

  • Our team with high level of expertise uses the historical internal accounting and sales data, key performance indicators, and other resources to best guess the future situation of a company in financial terms over a given time period, mostly one year.
  • We help you best estimate the future financial outcomes for your business.


Financial Reporting and Financial Analysis

  • Our experts will help you understand about your assets, earnings and dividends over the past few years by analyzing the financial statements and financial reporting.
  • Our tailored service shall measure the profitability of your business; assess the growth potential of your business, indicate the trend of achievements; compare position in relation to other firms of same industry; assess the overall strengths; and assess the solvency of the firm.

Preparing Cash Flow Management Reports

  • We assist you in managing your cash flows through proper monitoring, analyzing and adjusting your business cash flows.
  • We find various alternatives to effectively manage your working capital, which is managing your stock, suppliers and debtors and keeping an eye on the future cash flow needs.

Evaluating Key Performance Indicators

  • We assist you in defining the key performance indicators for your business in a way that is understandable, meaningful and measurable.
  • We help you set quantifiable measures in a qualitative manner that will meet your priorities and performance criteria.


Cost Center

  • Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what is a profitable investment, in such cases too we provide our services and knowledge, experience and expertise regarding cost center reporting and also provide advises that best suits your business needs.

Preparing “Break-Even” Cost Analysis

  • We can make an in-depth analysis of your fixed and variable costs incurred in production process, and can also evaluate the pricing methods to determine the market price of your product.

Developing Annual Profit Plan

  • We also lend a hand in profit planning since profit is an essential cost of business activity and it needs to be planned like other costs.
  • We explore various alternatives to earn and manage your profits in such a way that your financing capabilities are improved, and your business possesses happy stockholders.


Defining Annual Revenue Potential and Target

  • We offer result–oriented services in determining the annual revenue potential based on the historical trends, company’s current market position and extensive market research.
  • We can put up a sales target for your organization.
  • We can help you determine your maximum potential and devise strategies to procure funds and make maximum utilization of resources to meet the target.
  • We also assist you in exploring further market options and grow more.

Providing Debt and Finance Advisory

  • We are focused on providing objective, strategic and robust advice to clients who seek to raise debts and optimize their financing structure.
  • We advise on equity and debt financing, bank financing and bonds placements.
  • We assist in bank negotiations and advise on collateral and financing documentation.
  • Our team with specific consideration of financing mix, pricing, market conditions and limitations help you determine a financing structure for your business and explore your business prospects.
  • We provide market leading advice to you on all aspects of capital structure and financing strategies

Free Consultation

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