Employment Scenario in Kathmandu Valley

Employment Scenario in Kathmandu Valley

Insight on Employment Scenario in Kathmandu Valley

The different driving factors for growth in Employment Scenario in Kathmandu Valley have played important role but yet among these factors, job opportunities are the core and have the highest impact on growth of the Kathmandu valley. What we feel is that the number of jobless population is increasing significantly due to lack of job opportunities within the country. In the changing era, it is quite difficult for any job seeker to find the right job especially in Kathmandu city. Although there is an increasing trend of organizations and businesses, it is very tough to find the right job for the job seekers. The reason behind such difficulty is due to the increasing population inside Kathmandu city. Currently, the population of Kathmandu is approximately 1.4 million, including local residents and people who are from outside the valley and residing in the city.

The population of Kathmandu city is so high that for a single vacant position, there seems to be an unhealthy competition due to the existence of a large number of job applications for the single vacancy announcement. Most of the people prefer to live and work in Kathmandu city rather than going outside the valley as in Nepal everything is centralized in Kathmandu. Fresher are in the search of new opportunity and existing job holders prefer to switch for the better career options. One of the reasons for switching over the job could be the fear of the insecure jobs offered by the private organizations as generally in those organizations the decision of hire and fire lies upon the head of the organization.

Many citizens who are employed are still unsatisfied with their existing roles and responsibilities and working environment too. Even though the people who are satisfied with their existing positions are still apply for the vacant position for a better perk.

Nepalese people dreams of finding a right job as per their qualification, however, for many this could be just a dream. A lot of struggle is required to find the right job. Some have a dream of getting selected in the government jobs and others look for the different positions in public services. Skilled people with better potentiality are always putting their eyes on switching off the job.

To address current scenario in regards to job scarcity and social security, Nepalese youth were on a fast in Kathmandu city to put a pressure on the government and also to make room for improvement of existing condition.

Finding one’s job according to the dream one has made for himself/herself and for family members – it really becomes the goal to make it actually happen in the future. However, if they are not able to achieve the goal set by them, they leave their homeland and look for better opportunities abroad in terms of their respective qualifications and experience. Every year at least 3,00,000 to 4,00,000 youth arrive in the Nepalese job market in search of a job, but only 5% of them are able to land a job in the country according to the survey              (source : Nepal Labor Survey 2015). More than 800 Nepali youth leave the country every day — in pursuit of a better life and happiness, as per the Labor Department.

When the Employment Permit System (EPS), Korea branch in Kathmandu, announced vacancy for 3,100 workers to work in South Korea recently, some 60,600 people dropped their applications. This is just an example of people’s attraction towards foreign employment.

No less was the number of applicants when the Public Service Commission (PSC) announced vacancies in 5,000 different posts in January. A total of 5,060,000 applications were dropped for 5,000 posts (Source : according to PSC 2015). Whether educated or uneducated, the number of unemployed is large in the country — and this not only makes it difficult for youngsters to earn a living, the country’s economy is also affected.

Most of the people are either forced to leave the country in search of job opportunities somewhere to the other countries or have to accept the low level jobs which are underpaid and are not worthy of their qualifications. They have to move on and go with it even though are not satisfied. Therefore, the existing employment situation is very critical.

A major reason behind existence of such critical situation is because the students are not clear about the goal what they want to achieve in the future. Similarly, there is not proper counseling for the students about how to make a plan for the higher studies, which field they are interested the most and how they can achieve the goal they have made. If such type of counseling would have started in Kathmandu city colleges then such problems would not have occurred and employers would be satisfied as well to have the right candidates for the right organizations.

Whether to graduate from high school or a working adult looking for a career change, choosing a career major can be confusing. It’s challenging to select a career path that matches up with one’s personal passions. Understanding some of the trends that shape the job market can help narrow their job search. If one is looking for job security and growth, one should focus on the industries that are adding the most new jobs in the coming decade. In case of Nepalese students, they are aware of their field of interest but they have not thought about how they would use it – or vice versa. In Kathmandu, there are many colleges affiliated with different universities even international universities, which are providing higher and quality education. While pursuing education in such colleges, students perform well but only in theoretical aspect and they still lack practical knowledge. Therefore, if the colleges are more focused on the new ideas and innovation, the students could apply their theoretical knowledge into practices. Although most of the colleges are coming up with the new ideas and making the field visits to the different organizations, they still need improvement by making them habitual with the situation handling, transparent communication and what skill they will need while applying for the jobs as per their qualifications.

Most of the organizations are seeking the candidates for the placement purpose whether the jobs may be the white color or blue color. The main problem is the lack of appropriate skill the organization would look for.

In context of Kathmandu city, skillful people are generally migrating abroad for the jobs in order to have better compensation & facilities. Only some of the people having hands on skill stay back in Kathmandu. People would not prefer to do the low level jobs here in Kathmandu but are willing to do any kind of jobs abroad just for the sake of better remuneration. This could be one of the reasons why we are not able to get the potential candidates matching the right job position although there are better job opportunities inside.

These days many job portals and websites are the sources where one can find the job. Likewise, social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook are available to find the job to the new job seekers as well as they facilitate to head hunt the top level positions. Currently, government has also created its own page and application for the easiness of searching the government jobs. Even ‘job and career fair’ take place in the capital to open up avenues for employment opportunities for the unemployed youths.

As the government have started addressing the problem of job scarcity and have made provision for youth selfemployment programs, it is hoped that gradually the country resolve the existing employment scenario to some extent.